I wanted to blog about the dance lessons my wife and I have been taking. When our youngest son was a senior in high school we started talking about what we were going to do with are free time since we would not have to chase and haul kids around anymore.  We had seen and heard about others whose kids had left home and the husband and wife don’t know each other anymore because they were raising kids.  We didn’t want to be like that so we started trying to think of something we could do together so we decided to take dance lessons.  Some of our friends will say “you only doing it because your wife wants too” which is totally not true.

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and I have found it to be a big stress reliever as well.  As the man I have to lead, listen to the beat, and think about what I have to do next and I find that during my lesson or going dancing I totally forget all the other stuff that has gone on during the day because I need to concentrate. We have also met new friends that we would have never had the chance to meet if we had not decided to try something new. Right now we are working on “Polka”!! I never did like country music and could not stand it, but the beat goes with the dancing I like and here I am listening to country music!! I will keep posting about our progress.

So my “neubworthynote” about this is to say:  To those of you that are married and your kids have, or about to leave the home  begin to find something you and your spouse can do together to make sure you stay connected especially after your kids have moved out.  Try something new and get out of the house, off the couch or whatever but try something new.  I still have to get myself thinking like this, but my advice is to just get up and try something new.  Life is too short!!

That is why I am “trying to blog” because I am trying something new.