I wanted to add a blog about the government attempt to reform healthcare from my perspective.  I work in the insurance field as what we call a multi line adjuster and part of what I work is liability claims where people are injured and I have to make settlements with them. If medicare had made any payments they were due a reimbursement which would be the right thing to do but they were suppose to make us aware of it or if we knew about the lien to protect it.  This has since changed and the onus put my industry to have all kinds of forms completed, notify medicare and wait for no telling how long to tell us how much they are owed and in the meantime delaying someones settlement.

My point to this is that if the government takes over healthcare I believe we can expect this kind of bureaucracy to take place for our medical care.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with insurance companies being regulated and I don’t think people should be denied coverage or go bankrupt because of an illness.  But, I don’t think the government should run the whole thing.  If they are going to spend this kind of money then give to me and let me shop for a quality policy to pay for with the kind of oversight I mentioned above.

Because once it is put in place like it is now we will not know how it will affect all of us years from now and by the time we figure it out it will be so entrenched that we will not be able to go back and undo it.