I wanted to post about the new friends we have met over the last year while learning how to dance.  My wife and I were out at the local “honky tonk” as some would say where they give free dance lessons (this was about 8 months ago).  The lady who was giving the lessons and who we have become friends with as well said that for us to try and get better we should  dance with others which would help us in leading and following.  She introduced us to two other couples there that had been dancing together for sometime.  The six of us hit it off right away and they were so kind to invite us and include us in other events they were part of.   We had only known these people for a few short months and they asked us to go to St. Louis with their group to a dance event they go to every year.  We went and had the best time we have had in a long time!!

Our lives have been enriched by meeting these people and having a relationship with.  We have a great time with laughs, sharing a meal, and making fun of each other when we get a chance!! I will add further posts later on about why meeting these new friends has become important to us as in the past we had put our eggs all in one basket.

Oh yeah.. and the name of out group is the “Got Dance Gang”!! I have never been part of a gang before!!