I shared in one post that I am a multi line claims adjuster so I thought I would spend some time adding posts on exactly what I have to know to get the job done.  Contrary to what you see on the TV and the movies portraying an adjuster as some moron that doesn’t know anything, or is out to cheat the customer is incorrect.   I have to know a little bit about a lot of things in order to get the job done and in the next few posts I will share some of this.

One of the areas I have to be able to understand is construction due to claims for property insurance I handle. I must have some understanding on how a house is put together to review or prepare an estimate.  This knowledge comes in handy when I have to discuss the estimate with the contractor. I need to have some type of skill or knowledge to discuss this intelligently.  I may not be an expert in construction etc… but in my position I need to have some knowledge to be competent a professional. I also have to be familiar with the software in order to prepare estimates.

I will continue to add other posts on the different hats I wear in this field of work.