This is a follow-up to my post from yesterday about the job I do.  Today I will discuss the other aspect of my job which is to inspect automobiles for damage, prepare estimates and handle liability decisions.  I inspect vehicles on a daily basis and in some cases prepare estimates with the software provided or have the body shop prepare an estimate. Again, I am not an expert in auto repair but I must have a working knowledge about the structure of an automobile and estimating to talk intelligently with the body shop about the estimate and final repair amount. When the we agree on the scope and amount of the estimate then the repairs can begin.

I also have to make liability decisions on auto accident that are questionable. Sometimes there are conflicting statements and no witnesses so I need to undertake and investigation to decide liability and then make a decision on who is responsible.  Sometimes these are not easy and someone will be upset or disappointed. I have to be able to deal with conflict resolution on a regular basis, especially when it comes to liability decisions.

As I stated yesterday about handling property claims I must constantly switch my thought process through out the day from one aspect of the job to the other based on what I am assigned for the day. This is not a complaint, but it keeps your mind from focusing on the same old thing everyday. I will have several appointment for the day and could be a mix of property and auto so that is why I must try a do a balancing act each and feel this keeps my mind sharp.