Another aspect of my job is to know a great deal about the law and how it applies to the decisions I have to make.  I have to know the four elements tort law which are: Duty, Breach of Duty, Proximate cause and Damages.  While I am not an attorney a basic understanding of the law is needed when I an investigating liability issues on all sorts of claims that I may handle.  I have to become familiar with recent court cases that affect the decisions I have to make and try to have a basic understanding of these court decisions.  If I need more detailed help I will seek the counsel of our local attorneys to help me in what I have to do.

Some of our claims are assigned to mediation by a judge which I attend and take part.  I am part of the negotiating process with the mediator asking me questions and negotiating with me to get the case settled.  I work with our assigned attorney to evaluate the case, negotiate through the mediator and make a fair settlement that is agreeable to all.

This is the most interesting part of my job in claims and I would like to take part in this type of work more often, but if I attended all the mediations then my regular work would not get done.  Maybe something in the future will turn up and lead me in this direction, or who knows maybe my life will lead me into something else which I am ok with as well.