I just wanted to finally add that I have to put all the things together in my earlier blog each and everyday.  I must be able to meet the needs of our customers with many questions about how the process works, questions on the policy contract which I must be able to refer to and understand.  I must be able to navigate around our ever-changing software system to give real-time updates as needed to my company so they are able to make the best decisions possible.  This is a very fast past environment where I am out several days a week meeting face to face with customers and sometimes in a very traumatic situation for them from a fire to a fatality.  While you can teach someone the technical side of a situation, the ability to handle these kind of situations cannot be taught easily and takes a certain approach to be empathetic or have the demeanor to diffuse a possible hostile situation.  This can come up from time to time so I must be able to adjust my thought process to the situation presented.