If you have watched or read the news lately you have heard Iran’s leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad say that his country will deliver a “punch” to the west sometime this month.  Over the past several years we have heard that Iran is developing nuclear power for energy and not for nuclear weapons.  This may or may not be the case as any nation as the right to progress itself forward to make it better for the citizens of their country.  But my question is this; if your country is sitting on one the largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world why do you need nuclear energy? Seems to me there is enough of these fossil fuels to run the Iranian Nation and not have all this commotion about nuclear energy/weapons.  I have read where they do not have the refining capacity to make gasoline so it does not do them any good to have all this oil when they can’t refine it.  Well, I am sure the other nations in the area as well as the west would help them increase their refining capacity if the asked for it if it was not for the Nuclear Issue.

So to me the only logical conclusion is that Iran is developing Nuclear Power to convert it into weapons grade material.  I believe we need to take their leader seriously when he talks about what he intends to do when it comes to Israel.  Our Nation and the west need to take these kind of leaders seriously and not think they are some kind of “nut cases”.  I want to blog some more about this tomorrow and what Ahmadinejad believes and why he has chosen this course of action.