I have been thinking about this over the weekend on the tax issue I posted about earlier and have added a couple of links to the right on articles I have read about the money the US Government is giving the Taliban over in Afghanistan.  According to the article we are buying their loyalty to come over to our side or help protect our convoys which may be the right thing to do as I do not know about war strategy etc…  If this helps us win the war, make this country safer, and get our troops home sooner then by all means give this money to the Taliban.  You might ask why am I mentioning this on a blog about taxes??

I had posted about having to write a check the IRS earlier so I won’t re-hash it on this post.  But my point is this, We our giving away our tax dollars to the Taliban so they will not fight each other and do work for us so I ask that is only fair they should have to pay taxes on the money they have been given!!  I mean how much sense does this make??  We are the citizens of this country and our money was loaned back to use throughout the year and we have to pay taxes.  The Taliban is given this money tax-free!!  I know I am just being facetious about this but you all are probably like me in that you work to hard for your money and it is frustrating to give it all away like this.  I say in order to make it fair just give me a sack of money like the Taliban get and don’t make me pay taxes on it and it will all be good!!

I hope I have added the links properly as I am new to blogging so if someone does read this and has any advice and if not correct just let me know.  Sometimes I am “technologically challenged”!! 🙂