You might ask why the title for this post?? I have been thinking about this over the last few weeks and the post I made several weeks ago about the good friends we have made while my wife and I have been taking dance lessons.  As we gave gone out to places to “practice” our moves you obviously run into people who are more experienced, teachers, or own their own studios.  The people we dance with are more experienced than us as we only have a few years under out belt, but it is this other group and their attitude that has made me want to comment about it.

In all areas of life there is always going to be someone better than you and know more than you about certain things and this is ok.  My issue with some of these people we have seen is their arrogance and condemnation of others that are just learing.  It’s like “get out of my way” or “I am too good to speak to you” and I just don’t get it!! I say “so what” you are a good dancer and “big deal”!!.  I have found in other activities that I do that I don’t run into this kind of arrogance like going to the gym for my work out.  I work out in the free weight area and try to use good form and the proper workout technique to try to develope muscle group etc.. and in this situation there are many guys bigger that me, more knowledge about what to do and so on.  If I need help with a spot or something I have had them come over to help and even give me some good advice.  I am not getting this attitude like” because I am bigger than you and lift more weight I am better”.

My point in all this is this:  We all are better at somethings than other people and this is the way it will always be at that is ok.  But I don’t see the problem with being considerate and nice to someone else who is trying to learn.  Remember, we all started somewhere and had to work our way through whatever it is before us.  Be patient with those around you and give them a smiling face and a kind word.