I wanted to add a follow-up post to the one I made a few days ago where I added a section from the IRS website about the Making America Work Provision in the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 that basically says that you may want to change your withholding because of the extra money put into your paycheck each week and a lot of us were not aware of this, only that we were being given this “extra money” from the Government to help us.   I use Turbo tax to do my taxes and have discovered that I will owe taxes this year due in part to this and what I wanted to add is that friends of ours have had their taxes prepared by an outside vendor and they were told something to the effect that “because of the extra money put into your check by the Government you will owe more taxes because you did not change your withholding”.

I don’t recall this ever being mentioned and the only part we were told was about the money we would get!!  Now, I know we all have to take responsibility for ourselves but this type of stuff happens to often and I think our elected and appointed officials think we are stupid.  I know they pass this kind of crap in Congress and then by the time we figure it out it is too late to do anything about it but accept and abide by it.  I think that is why people are worried about healthcare reform.  Most of us believe there needs to be reform but our Government will put some kind of provision in there that will rear its ugly head in the future and will not benefit the people and by the time we figure it out it will be too late to correct so we will just have to accept the consequences.  Like I said, from now on I am voting for whoever is running against the incumbent!! I want change from top to bottom and it starts with us!!