I was talking with a friend of mine the other day about his work situation.  He is younger than me and was asking about working in a corporation and sometimes he sees other people getting to do things or opportunities that he does not get and is getting frustrated. I have talked with him before about the three things I try to apply in my work life that hopefully help in trying to get noticed that will help your career and they are 1)Have a good attitude, 2)Work Hard, 3)Listen to the Coach.  He thinks he has done these things and says he is getting frustrated about it.

I told my friend this has happened to me over the years and sometimes it is nothing you have done, but for some reason unknown to you things are not playing out like you want.  I told my friend if I get to the point where he is then I try to do several things to deal with it.  I will try to take additional education courses and training as this helps me to get my mind off of the immediate issue and makes me feel like I am making some type of progress or doing something about my situation.  In my personal life  I have my wife who I can share with and as I have stated in a previous post we enjoy dancing and taking our dance lessons.  This may sound strange but because of the amount of brain power it takes to learn and complete a dance, all my brain energy goes into this and I have completely forgotten about what has been frustrating me for the week.

I told my friend to try something that fits him that will help him focus on something else besides his situation because he doesn’t need to sit around and get all frustrated and bitter.  I would recommend this to any one who might read this post.  As you go through life there are going to be a lot of frustrations and we all need to vent, but to sit around and stew about it  doesn’t do you any good.  Like I told my friend, what he does for a living or a promotion he did not get does not define him as the person he is.  What defines him is his character, integrity, honesty, his word and how he treats other people.   This can be hard for all of us to do, even myself, but we all need to find a way to make this work.  Life too short to sit around being hacked off all the time for things we cannot do anything about or that is out of our control.