I wanted to add something about myself in relation to what I posted about yesterday.  Sometimes all of us get down in the dumps and tired of the same old routine day in and day out and think about getting out of the “rut” but just don’t seem to make it.  My wife and I have been trying to do different things over the last few years that we had never done before.  A little over a year ago we decided to take a cruise after putting it off because it was out of the norm for us and we decided that life is short so we are going to do it. I hate to fly but I got over it and we had a great time.  As I have mentioned before we started dance lessons as we had never done that and wanted to try something different and it has been fun.  In the near future we are flying to California as we have never been that far west so this is something new for us and to top it all off our 23-year-old son planned the trip and we are tagging along with him!! So talk about something different!!.

I am trying different things at work to try to shake things up with a certification in fire investigation.  I know there is not a photo of me on here but I have had the same hair style since I was 17 years old.  My hair is thick so I was able to brush it back and it would just stay in place. I was dropping my wife off at her salon and the lady that does her hair said she would like to cut mine.  I had always gone to a barber so this was really out of my realm in a place where they do salon stuff and color hair.  I let her cut my hair and she made the comment “lets update your hair style”!!.  Kind of caught me off guard but after she was done I kind of liked the way it looks so I have continued to wear my “new look”!!  I worked with a woman years ago that everyone talked about what she was doing and getting in her business and she use to say that “everyone was interested in her because they were bored with their life”.  I didn’t get what she meant at the time as I was in my 20’s.  But as I have gotten older I can now see what she meant.  We must constantly reinvent ourselves and do the best we can not to get in a rut. If we do we should try to dig ourselves out as soon as possible and that is what my wife and I have tried to do.  The first step is to be aware what is going on so you take action and it does not have to be a big thing and can be something as minor as changing your hair style!!