I promise this is my final post on this issue as I just wanted to add that I completed my taxes and owe the federal government $668.00 and I get a refund of $298.00 from the state.  If you have followed my posts about this I have concluded that the reason I have to pay is due the government putting more money in our paychecks under the recovery act and then tax filers not realizing they needed to change their withholding and getting hit with a tax bill like I did. I guess since the withholding did not apply to the state income tax I get refund so at least this offsets some of my Federal Bill.  It is just aggravating that it is a moving target every year and seems it is that way just to be able to get a hold of our money.

Anyway, I saw on yahoo that “Tax Refunds” are one of the top trends right now.  I laughed and thought “refund”!!. These people may find out like I did they will have “tax bill”, I bet that starts trending in the next few weeks! lol.  This is all I have time for tonight. Thanks for reading my posts and I will more to add about another topic tomorrow