We were at family function last night to celebrate a birthday party and when there are two sets of families (one from each spouses family) and you wonder how they will get along since these families are not together a whole lot so because of this I get into my “observation mode” to see how things are going.   There seems to be in any setting like someone who gives you the vibe like “why are you here”?  I have been in settings like this and you can really tell when this vibe is taking place.  When we all were together last night everyone mingled and seemed to carry on conversations for the most part and were not stand offish, there are always some like this in any group but things seemed to go fine.  But this situation reminded me of a funeral I went to for my wife’s side of the family.  We were in the funeral home and I was standing talking to her brother and one of the uncle’s and as we talked the uncle very subtly began to scoot over in front of me to exclusively talk to my brother-in-law until I was almost closed out of the conversation.   I made my way around to the other side to make sure I stayed in the conversation and I thought “Dude you are not cutting me out because of some power trip game you are playing”!!  I didn’t try to start an argument over it I just wanted to stake out a new position to show him I recognized what was going on and I was not going to be “punked”!  Obviously, this is a better way to handle this than making a scene especially in a funeral.

It made me think how rude this was and why this person thought they were “superior” to me in some way! I just don’t get it!!  So what if you maybe have a better car than me, nicer house, more money!!  You still have to put your clothes on everyday like I do, you have to use the bathroom and wipe like I do everyday and you will end up in the ground like I will some day!!  This may be petty to some, but I don’t have any patience for stuff like this and instead of trying to play some kind of game, either be respectful in the situation you are and if you can’t then stay out-of-the-way.  When I am in group setting like this with different families together I am not trying to act like I am better than you!.  I try  getting to know someone who I have not met in the past and before you know there is someone you have met that has something in common with you and now a new friend has been made.  I know there are a lot of people who take the positive route in this situation and I encourage us all to try to do better and this includes myself as well.