I posted previously about my job as a property-casualty adjuster and the different aspects of my job and what I like the most.  Well I have a very interesting mediation coming up in the future and I am looking forward to it. Obviously, I have to be very general with it due to privacy issues but it has to do with dispute on repairs and how much it will actually cost.  This is different for me as all the mediations I have attended were for injury cases.  In the injury mediations you have a set amount of medicals, but the unknown is the pain and suffering amount that needs to be determined as this is a subjective value with no pre-determined figures to work with like specific medical bills.

Mediating a property loss will give me the insight on how it works if it costs .39 cents a square foot to paint a wall, then why does someone else say it is .49 cents!! In a property mediation I would expect to have specific figures to work from and not having experienced this in the past I would gain a new knowledge that I did not have before.  It is very important to keep learning, especially in this economy. That is the great thing about my job, there is something new and unexpected everyday!!