I have not been able to post as I had left my home for a trip to Southern California. We are just able to start some traveling as we were raising kids and did not have the time or money. Now we have a little more time and a little more money lol.

From my location this required air travel which I have not had much experience with. Anyway, we had made the connecting flight in Chicago and were on the plane waiting and the pilot comes on and says “we are having the computer upgraded for the satellite navigation because they forgot to do it at the last stop ” I thought, “oh great ” how do you forget something like that!!

I could live with that but my main point to the story is this. While we were waiting the little tv screens were down and I did not pay attention at first, but I began to notice it was showing waterfalls, green fields, the sky with big white clouds and birds flying. I thought “crap, this looks like something in a funeral home and this is it, the plane will crash!!!!

I know the intent is to probably calm people down, but it looked like funeral home stuff to me and just got me all worked up lol. I say just turn it off,especially if the piot says they forgot to do a maintenance check!