For those of you who read my last post we were on vacation in San Diego which is totally different (in a good way) than what we had experienced before. What made it special was that our oldest son (who is 23 years old) had planned his own trip and then we decided to go as I have always wanted to see this area as well. We just got back and all of us had a great time. It was good to spend time together, and especially with your 23 year old son on vacation with Mom and Dad since we did not get to do a lot of those things together in the past. Funny, that I did post a blog with my cell phone one day while I was gone but it took me a long time since I am slow!!  But also, I kept busy and did not have a chance to keep up with it.

If you have read some of my posts I have commented on courtesy and decency to other people so I have to mention one this about the return flight. I think it is common knowledge that you can carry a bag on board and store in the overhead compartment. This one dude could not fit his in the one next to his seat and was going to have to store it under his seat, the flight attendent walked away and he went to rows down and moved someone else’s luggage to another compartment and put his in there. I though how rude is this and what will that person do when they try to find their luggage?? Sure enough this lady got up to get her’s out of the compartment when the plane landed and it wasn’t there. She was looking around confused so we made sure to tell her to check the compartment two rows down from her seat. She found and thanked us for telling her.

So I was thinking about the guy who did this and wondering; “Why didn’t you tell someone you were moving luggage around”? I thought you should be more considerate and I was about to say something when he did it, but thought I would be the one who is making and scene and kicked off the plane so that is why I was just watching for the person who looked like they were trying to find something and help in this way. I don’t get why some people act like this?? Probably no one else witnessed this, but I always liked to say “I am a practiced observer”!! and able to lend someone a hand, be it a small one.