The final week for Congress to vote on the Healthcare Reform Bill is approaching.  As with any Big Government entitlement program all Americans should be concerned about the cost and the potential for more intrusion from the government in their lives. While the present bill may not be as comprehensive as the one proposed by the President earlier, any type of big program like this has the potential to reach into other areas of our personal lives.

One example of a government program that overreached its original intent is Social Security.  Back in the 1930′s President Roosevelt proposed the establishment of the social security program to provide an income to the elderly after retirement and help keep them out of poverty.  But look what happened over time as it went from a retirement program to giving money to people on disability, children with a deceased parent and so on.  While these are all good causes, Social Security was not set up for this.  Over time the U.S. Government could not refrain from tapping into the program’s financial resources, spending on entitlements other than those for which the funds were originally intended.  Thus today the program is facing a crisis in that will more than likely result in higher taxes.

The Government’s efforts to put forth a health care reform plan may lead to the same risks as those seen in big government entitlement programs. The Congress will pass it and then, as the years pass, it will grow many tentacles that are not anticipated today.  Years from now people will begin to realize that the plan has grown well beyond its original purpose and will ask, “How did they let that go through?” and yet it will be far too late to change its course.  Many could say the same thing today about the payroll tax:  “How did the people in 1913 allow the payroll tax to go through?”  When the payroll tax was adopted it was 1% of a worker’s wages, now look where it stands today.

Based on how government-funded programs have consistently exceeded their original intent over time, one must not assume that a healthcare reform plan passed today will be managed any differently.  It will reach much farther than anyone can imagine today.  And one other thing, rest assured the Congress will pull some political maneuver to pass the bill regardless of their constituents’ wishes in order to maintain their political control from Washington.  All Americans should request an up or down vote in Congress because we live in a ‘Representative Republic’ and thus have a right to representation.