An acquaintance at the gym I attend had come up to me late last year and said he has prostate cancer and would not be back for a while.  He said he was considering several options on treatment and asked that I pray for him and said I would.  He had his surgery and is recovering and I have sent emails asking how he is doing and when he will return the gym as he is big into running and is always trying to get me to run in some long races, but I have not decided if I want to “torture” myself that long!!

Anyway, I received and email today from him that he really appreciated that I had been checking on him as he had gone to the church service and a function afterward and only two people asked how he was doing and so it really blessed him that I had been following up with him and he made sure to tell me that in the email.  I wanted to post about this to reinforce what the important things in life are and the difference we can make in other peoples lives.  I did not follow-up with him to make a name for myself, or try to get praises for something.  I did it as I cared about how my friend was doing and if he is ok. I told my friend in the email that we all get busy and get caught up in our own situations and sometimes forget about others. I told him it is not intentional, only that we all need to remind ourselves that sometimes a kind word, email or just a small thing can make the difference for somebody else.

Something like this just came to mind as I was typing this. If you read some of my other posts I am in the property-causalty insurance business and meet with customers. To make a long story short I met a man at his home with water damage in the basement. After he finished he said “Several years ago you worked a problem with his new wife and she was going through a divorce and remembered that I treated her well, was caring and empathetic with her and that really lifted her spirits”.  That made an impression on me as I was just doing my job, but the way I approached it made the difference in a positive way for someone.  I just wanted to post about these things to reiterate what is really important in life which is not how much stuff we have, but in how we interact with our fellow human beings.