I read an interesting article on Yahoo the other day about the latest rant from Ahmadinejad  the figure-head leader of Iran. He says that the U.S. version of the 9/11 attacks are an excuse for the war on terror.   Obviously the U.S and Iran are in a war of words with each other, I do not believe we intentionally are using the death of 3,000 people for an excuse for a war on terror.  It is well-known that Iran sponsors terrorism around the world and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that an attack on the U.S. of this magnitude would cause us to retaliate and this is what has occurred.  Regardless if you support the Iran-Afgahnistan wars somebody was going to pay for what occurred and as I had stated in a previous blog I believe Iran has been the goal all along.   I mean look at the country that is between Iraq and Afghanistan?? Iran.

I don’t believe this issue will be settled peacefully, I don’t want to see it but some kind of conflict that will occur.  Ahmadinejad wants Israel out of the middle east and I believe they will try to make that happen.  Israel knows this and may launch a pre-emptive strike.  Ahmadinejad may act like he wants to be confrontational and to start some kind of conflict but I don’t think he would use the nuclear weapons he will have in the near future.  He has to know that if he takes this route the United States could launch a devastating attack and I believe Iran and its leaders want to preserve themselves and their country.

I believe we have been at war with Iran since the hostage crisis of 1979 and I know the Iranians like to bring up the fact the CIA overthrew their government in the 1950’s which in hindsight was probably not a good idea as we then installed the Shah who was a brutal dictator. I am not justifying that but we should look at it in the time it occurred. We were in the cold war with the Soviet Union and fighting proxy wars with the them and that was the concern of the time and not what would happen in the future.

Maybe we will be able to work things out and not have to fight another war in a far off place.  But I fear this will not be the case.