I have been following this story about Iran and if the Western Powers are prepared to live with a Nuclear Iran.  I have just read an article in the Jerusalem Post and New York Times that indeed the Obama Administration is prepared to live with a Nuclear Iran and this is why the President is pressuring Israel not to attack Iran and that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the key to resolving the Iranian issue.  First of all I do not really want the U.S. to attack Iran over this issue.  I think we could pursue the policy of “containment” much like we did with the Soviet Union during the cold war.  The U.S. could also impose a naval blockade on Iran which would cause a lot less problems than bombing campaign that would not take out all the nuclear sites. So I am in agreement with Obama that we will have to live with a nuclear Iran.

However, I do not think the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will settle the Iranian issue.  I believe a settlement of this issue would be looked upon favorably by the Arab nations, but I believe the Iranians don’t want a settlement, they want the removal of Israel from the middle east.  I base this opinion on the statements made by Ahmadinejad and his position on Israel.   You cannot continue to give ground to a leader like Ahmadinejad and Iran because it is never enough and it is not want they want. I believe their end game as stated above is to start some kind of conflict in the middle east with Israel and in order to accomplish this goal Iran needs nuclear weapons because Israel has them.

By the same token I do not want Israel going it alone and attacking Iran because it would drag the U.S. in and wreck our economy and destroy any progress we have made in that area over the last 7 years by the wars we are fighting.   It may take time like it did during the cold war, but we can contain Iran and wear them down over time like we did with the Soviet Union. To me this is the preferrable alternative than another war.

I have posted Link to the article.