I just read an article on yahoo news that says the six major world powers have agreed to new sanctions on Iran after China had dropped its opposition. This is interesting as China holds a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council and has been opposed up until this point to any new sanctions on Iran.  The article goes on to say that Iran’s top nuclear negotiator will travel to Iran to discuss the new sanctions.  Wonder why all of a sudden the Chinese have changed their mind??  China is able to purchase Iranian oil and gain a foot hold in the Middle East and is able to use Iran to “stick the U.S. in the eye” so it will be interesting to see what has changed for the Chinese to come around to the U.S. way of thinking.

If there is truly a change then we must give the President credit for making this happen.  You just hope he didn’t give the “farm away” to get this deal, but putting the weight of the security council on Iran counts for a whole lot.  If you read between the lines this whole process is to set up something big against Iran in the future.  I mean, look what Bush did with Iraq… He did all this U.N. stuff and when Iraq didn’t comply he invaded that country. I am not saying this is what Obama will do, but if something does go down Obama can say “we tried the U.N. and Iran did not comply with the resolutions so now we must take action”. Because if you remember during the campaign the one thing Obama said was that he would not allow I ran to have a nuclear weapon.  I believe he means this and we do all that he can to keep this from happening.   I have posted a link the article.