I have borrowed the above title from a link I have posted to the right in regard to my continuing comments on Iran. I have stated previously that a policy of containment or a naval blockade is preferable to a long and sustained ground war.  The article talks about report from Arab dailies in the region about their thoughts of the current situation so this information is not coming from the western media. Some of the dailies report that if Israel attacks Iran that Syria will respond with thousands if missiles against Israel. I believe Syria would do this, but in my opinion Israel would defeat the Syrians in short order if this attack by Syria did take place. This arab daily also indicated “the american administration was preparing for a strangling blockade of Iran”. Again, as I stated previously I believe this to be a good option and the one that will be eventually favored by the Obama Administration.

Also something else made sense to me after reading this article as I had posted that I could not understand why it looked like China maybe coming onboard with the U.S. This article stated the reason we are arming Taiwan was to use the “stick” approach on China and the “carrot” was to line up the gulf states to sell oil and gas to China so they will not be hurt by the blockade of Iran, which sells them a large amount of oil and gas. The article points out the Arabs will be drawn into this war and is not theirs in the first place but a war on Iran and its proxies.

I think behind the scenes the arabs want Iran neutralized but cannot say it publicly because it would look like they are supporting Israel. If something has to go down, then I think the blockade is the way to go. I believe that if the Ahmadinejad and the mullahs are replaced then I believe terrorism will drop dramatically as I believe Iran funds most of the Islamic terrorism in the world.