I have been following  the recent news about the nuclear weapons treaty the U.S. has signed with Russia and the Nuclear Weapons review just put in place by President Obama.  The treaty reduces the nuclear stockpiles of the U.S. and Russia to about 1,500 warheads which is still enough to annihilate both countries so to me this is not a big concern.  We hear in the news that Russia is modernizing its warheads and ballistic missiles and the Chinese are building up as well and then we are told the U.S. is not developing or testing new warheads, just that we will spend the money to maintain the ones we have.  Since the public source for any of this information is the news media I just hope the U.S. has more going on behind the scenes on weapons development than we are being told.  I would think this is the case, but all we ever hear is what “the other side is doing”.

As far as the nuclear policy review all Presidents have done this, but I just hope this does not send signals to countries like Iran that they can try to take advantage of the U.S. and its interests by thinking this country isn’t serious about its defense.  I mean do any if us really believe that by saying that we will not fire Nuclear Weapons at a country that does not have them or violate the nuclear non proliferation treaty will stop a country like Iran!! What if they have signed the treaty and don’t develop nuclear weapons and then on the sly give their know how to terrorists and they are the ones who use these weapons….. what then??

I want the countries like Iran to know or at least think that if something like that happened then the next target would be their country.  There is a lot to be said for keeping the other side guessing and off-balance and not always telegraphing what you are about to do!!