I have been posting about Iran and Nuclear weapons but I need to post on another subject tonight as I have had an extended family situation develop and need to share and maybe get some advice.  I will need to give some background over the next week or so in order to make sure this all make sense, but the most recent activity is that I received a call from my aunt that I had not spoken to in 20 years. There is a reason we have not spoken and it has to do with my Mamaw’s will when she died.  When I was in my early twenties we (my wife and mom) were visiting her and she says that since my dad and his brother (mamaw’s sons) were dead that me and my half-brother would get their portion of her estate. My two aunts (her daughters) were to get their portion of the estate.  My mamaw said that I was the secondary executor in case my aunt (the executrix) could not fulfill her duties.  I was honored that she thought this much of me to do this as my wife and mom both heard her state this.

Well you can probably guess what happened!! My mamaw died and so I waited for the probate of the will. We visited my aunt’s house afterward and nothing was said about the will. We had them up the following easter and nothing was said. I did not say anything as I did not want to appear inappropriate and all. So about two years past and I had heard nothing so I called the local court-house and got a copy of the will and what did I find??? My two aunts were listed, my half-brother and I were not and the attorney was listed as the secondary executor. Needless to say I just figured the will had been changed due to greed or whatever and I had no more contact with them.

So now I have received this phone call from aunt 20 years later. We have traded calls and have not spoken and to be honest with you I don’t know if I want to.  To me it was never about money or things to me. I am an only child and my dad was a drunk and left when I was 4 so I didn’t have family and all I wanted was to have an extended family and this “will’ situation destroyed that. My God tells me to forgive and I believe that I have as I have moved on with my life and I am trying to decide if I want to reopen this chapter and I don’t know what the best course is for the moment.  I would like to post some additional on this in the coming weeks to try to give a total picture.  I know we all have family drama and maybe by me posting about mine I can help someone else.