In my last post I gave the current state of my dilemma, so now I would like to lay a little ground work to show how I arrived at this point.  I am not doing this to show that my situation is any different from what others have going on in their life, only that by telling this story I can inspire others on how to possibly deal with their situation.

I am an only child and my dad had a previous marriage that produced a boy and girl who are my half-brother and sister.  As far as I could tell my mom and dad were married for about 5 years as they divorced when I was 4 years old. I don’t remember much, but I do recall some arguments they had, no detail just a general knowledge of this since I was so young.  My Dad ends up moving to California and I never did see him while growing up, and my Mom did not get child support or anything as this was in the 60’s and there were not a lot of avenues at that time to pursue this.

Anyway, my (Mamaw and Papaw my dads parents, and I call them this because this is how I remember them) Mamaw and Papaw maintained a relationship with me and my Mom and I would go to their home several times a year to visit with my other cousins, aunts etc… This would include the aunt I talked about in my last post and the will issue. I always enjoyed all the people being around since I was an only child I did not have this kind of excitement at home!!  While I would be at my grandparents my Dad would call to talk with them and put me on the phone to talk!! I didn’t know what to say because I didn’t know him. I called him by his first name and he said to call him Dad, but how could I because at the time I did not know what a Dad was!! Oh, by the way my Dad was drunk, womanizer and spent all the money so that is why my parents divorced

By being there in the summers with the cousins and aunts I felt I had an extended family that I could trust as I got older and into my late teen and early twenties so I did not anticipate what would occur in the future.  I will continue to post additional info on this story as I can’t put it all in one post.   This is not a feel sorry for me post or nothing like that as I believe that we all have things that happened to us when we were young and to some extent shape our makeup.  However, we cannot dwell on the past in order to blame it on our situation today and I don’t intend to do that.  I will share additional in the next post.