In my last post I shared about the report of Syria allegedly providing Hezbollah Scud missiles.  If you are unaware, Hezbollah is a oraginization in Lebanon with some defacto support from the Lebanese government and considered a terrorist organization by the United States and Israel.   The article I have linked says Hezbollah admits receiving the Scud missiles but that Israel has blown the incident out of proportion because the parts are “old and unusable”.   My question is; why does Hezbollah need missiles? They are not a country or government that is buying weapons for defense of a sovereign nation?  Hezbollah says they have purchased the missiles to defend against an Israeli attack.  If Lebanon believed they needed weapons for defense then they should be the ones who by the weapons, not some organization or group within their country.  To me this would be like Florida wanting to buy its own weapons to make sure Georgia didn’t attack them!! If this happened all hell would break loose, but Hezbollah does it and barely a peep!!

The article also points out that Israel came close to attacking a convoy from Syria delivering these missiles but called it off at the last-minute.  It is these kind of situations that will lead to some kind of war and history proves this out.  Just keep letting these kind of countries get by with this kind of thing  without any consequences and when they think the time is right they will strike and then you will have everyone saying “Why didn’t we stop this??, Why didn’t we know what was going on??.  Our enemies are telegraphing what they are doing we only have to pay attention to the signals!!