I had left off on my last post about the relationship with my mamaw and laying the ground work on my current dilemma, but I still need to post about some additional background information.  As I stated before as long as mamaw was alive I did have a relationship with the cousins, aunts uncles etc….  What I have come to understand (or at least I think I do) is that my two aunts did not like my dad (their brother) and this apparently dated back to childhood and lasted into adulthood.   Who could blame them since he was an alcoholic and inflicted a lot of pain on his family and this does take a toll over time.  As I began to get married and have my own family I wanted to maintain contact with my extended family as this was important to me.

In the meantime I found out my Dad was driving from California back to our state which is about 1,500 miles.  He was going to stay at my half brothers house and wanted me to come by and see him.   It had been over 20 years since I had seen him and I was 4 years old when he left so I didn’t even know him other than a few telephone conversations during that time.  I had no problem going to see him, as a matter of fact I wanted to. This was my Dad I wanted to meet him even though he had left us he had not been part of my life for the last 20 years!!.   When I walked through the door of my half brothers house there he was sitting on the couch and I really did not know what he looked like now as I had only seen picture from when I was a little kid.   I really don’t remember what we said, I could just tell by the look on his face when he saw me that it was surprise and stunned!!  I mean think about how you would be if you had kids and the last time you saw them they were 4 years old and the next time they are 25 years old!!

I don’t remember how long he stayed with my half-brother but in my next “chapter” of this scenario I will share how my dad moved back in with my mom. At the time this occurred we lived in the same apartment complex. She lived upstairs and me and my wife and son lived downstairs so this made for an interesting situation!!