If any of you follow elections May is the month for several primary elections to decide on candidates for the November election.  There was an AP story that I linked to that says “Incumbents win in Ohio, North Carolina and Indiana” and I look at this article and marvel as to why the electorate just doesn’t seem to get it.  I realize this is just the primary and voters are only selecting candidates in their party, but I would still urge everyone to vote against the incumbent!!  I am not familiar with the other candidates in the states of Ohio and North Carolina but in Indiana Dan Coats won the Republican primary.  Mr. Coats retired from the Senate in 1998 and is now back again to get his seat back.  I do not know what kind of job he did and frankly I don’t care!!  It does not make any sense to me to keep sending back the same people to Washington because in my opinion it is these same people who have us in the mess we are in!!

This is not slanted against Republicans or Democrats but against the same people that get re-elected over and over!!   I will no longer be frightened by a candidate that says ” you better vote for me because if you vote for the other guy things will really get bad”.  I am voting for the other guy and voting out the candidate that currently holds the office.  Think about it for a minute, you ever wonder why when someone gets elected and they stay in Washington for years and come out of office millionaires??  It is because they are “stealing” from us!!

I have a primary in my state in two weeks and I am voting for the newcomer and I urge all voters to do the same thing. These people in Washington are not listening to us and the only way to get them to is to start voting them out!  It was said in the article that only about 30% of the electorate turned out and I know why, because they are to busy watching American Idol and reading People Magazine!! Don’t get me wrong, if this is what you like that is ok but My point is when most people are only concerned with these things and not their country then we have a problem.

We still have the general election in November and if you want to get the attention of the Washington politicians vote against the incumbent and get some new blood and ideas in the Congress.  And after their term is up vote them out-and-out and new group in if that’s what it takes to get these politicians to listen to us.