Sorry I did not get to post as I have been on a “golf vacation” that I would like to post pic about when I get a chance.  Anyway, there were primaries in four states last Tuesday and two that may have significant impact in the fall.  In the Pennsylvania Primary the long-term Senator Arlen Spector was defeated in the Democrat primary and in Kentucky the establishment candidate Trey Greyson was defeated in the Republican Primary by the Libertarian leaning candidate Rand Paul.   I have heard reports that some of the candidates that have won are not in the “mainstream” or not with the “establishment”.  You know what I say to that? I say good!!!,  I am glad they are not!

So what if some of these candidates think different!!  The current politicians need to know that they can be fired for doing a lousy job!!  Guess what would happen to any of us in the private sector if we did a lousy job for our employer?? Be fired and replaced by someone else who could get the job done.   Also, watch as the election draws close the “establishment” candidate backed by the party machines will do all they can do discredit these new candidates that are not career politicians like Rand Paul.  They will not want to talk about the serious issues of out country but will try to distract the electorate with some “non-issue” that will make you afraid to vote for the newcomer!!  I will tell you to not be fooled by this and to stay the course for the sake of our country!!

Don’t let you decisions be decided by a “sound bite” or out of “unfounded fear”.  We still have the power to change this country and send message to our leader and listen to us as they work for us and it is not the other way around!!