I have been reading up on the Middle East and ran across and article that has quoted a former defense minister in Israel saying that “Israel will be compelled to attack the Iranian Nuclear facilities unless the United States and it allies impose crippling sanctions on Iran”.  The article goes on to quote and expert from The Center for Strategic and International studies that Israel would need to use low yield earth penetrating nuclear weapons against the deeply buried nuclear sites in Iran.  the article goes onto say that Israel would accomplish this with the Dolphin class submarines in its fleet which I have read that they have about 3-5 of these in their fleet.

As I have stated in the past I believe President Obama will pursue a policy of  “containment” against Iran.  The so-called “cat is out of the bag” in regards to nuclear weapons so it is hard to stop a country from acquiring this knowledge.  Also, with Iraq and Afghanistan still requiring large amounts of troops and material who could blame him for taking this approach. The country is broke and the population does not want another war.  So this is why this article is so intriguing as to the Israeli position and how they may attempt to carry this out.

Obviously, they will not be allowed to fly through Syrian, Iraqi or Turkish airspace to get to Iran.  They could cut some kind of deal with Jordan and Saudi Arabia but this is doubtful so the next logical conclusion would be their submarine fleet of Dolphin submarines that are more than likely in the Persian Gulf.  Israel has shown in the past they would launch such a strike as they did against the Iraq and Syrian nuclear programs and I believe they will do so again against the Iranians.  Sometimes it seems like this is what Iran whats to happen so they can turn loose Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza strip against Israel.  Stay tuned but I believe Israel do whatever is necessary and will not wait on the West and their policy of containment.

I have posted a link to the article.