Recent reports told of Israeli Commandos that attacked a Gaza bound flotilla that was supposed to be carrying humanitarian aid. Some reports indicated that some passengers on the flotilla had links to the al Qaeda network so this was one concern for Israel.  Also, Israel has a blockade in place around Gaza and the flotilla was warned to stay away from Gaza but chose to ignore the warning. Apparently this “aid flotilla” was organized by Turkey with Turkish nationals on board and some of them were killed by the Israeli Commandos.  Several blogs and news reports of the attack proclaimed worldwide condemnation for this raid; a blog called “Sixteen Minutes to Palestine” expressed outrage about the attack and lamented the suffering of the Palestinians because of Israel.

Several questions need to be asked about the attack: 1) Why was Turkey organizing this aid flotilla? Turkey and Israel used to have a good relationship, and staged military exercises together.  Since Turkey’s government has become more Islamic the relationship with Israel has deteriorated.  2) Why was there an Al-Jazeera reporter on board with this flotilla? 3) There is a blockade of Gaza so why was Turkey trying to help “activists” run the blockade?

One must wonder whether the attack was staged to garner world attention on the Palestinians. Think about it for a minute—is it truly a coincidence that there was an Al Jazeera reporter on board?  Or did Turkey and the Palestinians anticipate how Israel would respond and they wanted video to use against Israel on the situation in Gaza.  Perhaps Palestinian leaders wanted this because Israel has shut down the rocket fire from Gaza.  The security wall and other measures seem to be keeping the suicide bombers out of Israel so there has not been much attention paid to the Palestinian situation lately.  What better way to get the world all fired up against Israel than to provoke Israel to respond to the threat posed by the flotilla running the blockade?

Each country has a right to defend itself.  However, since Israel became a nation in 1948 and immediately had to defend itself against an attack of 5 Arab armies, history has often been distorted to present Israel as an aggressor and the Palestinians as the victims.  Why does the rest of the world not get upset when rockets and suicide bombers are blowing up people who are just trying to work and live?  The world would be a better place if people chose to think about working and trying to better themselves rather than hating and killing others.

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