The United States condemned the acts that costs the lives of the people on board the flotilla ship but did not condemn the activists or Israel according to news reports.  Obviously, there is a fine diplomatic line here and the U.S. is walking it but to our defense we need to show Israel our support but have to make sure the Palestinians know we do not fully support the raid publicly so they will continue to negotiate for peace.  But all we hear is that “The Israeli blockade is hurting the citizens of Gaza and it is their fault there is a humanitarian crisis”.   I would like to point out that Egypt had also sealed their border with Gaza and had imposed its own blockade.  This is not widely reported about Egypt, only that the Israeli blockade was causing the humanitarian crisis.

Also, there would not be a humanitarian crisis if Hamas would negotiate for peace and not the destruction of Israel.  In the Six day war of 1967 Israel was attacked by Syria and Egypt and captured the Gaza strip, Sinai Peninsula, West Bank and the Golan Heights.  Since this war in an effort to make peace Israel has returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt, gave the Gaza strip back the Palestinians and have allowed the Palestinians to operate from the West Bank and what do they get in return? Continued rocket fire from Gaza into Israel.   What do you think the U.S. would do if there was rocket fire coming from Mexico into Tucson, Arizona? I guarantee it would not last very long.  So my point is that Hamas could ease their humanitarian crisis if they would worry about working and trying to make a living instead of the destruction of Israel.

In the next few days rest assured we will hear from Iran as I believe they welcome this kind situation.  In a previous post I had talked about Israel possibly deploying their Dolphin class submarines to strike Iran.  Well, I read and article the other day and posted link that said Israel is permanently deploying a submarine in the Persian Gulf with nuclear cruise missiles. This should give Iran pause that it will not just take and Israeli airstrike to take out their nuclear sites, since there is a nuclear armed submarine within striking distance of Iran.