There is a report in the London Times that Saudi Arabia will allow Israel to fly through its airspace to attack the Iranian nuclear facilities.  The report says the Saudis have done tests to make sure their jets do not intercept and shoot down the Israeli planes and will look the other way if Israel does fly over their airspace with all this being done in agreement with the U.S. State Department. Then Ahmadinejad of Iran comes out and says the U.S. is trying to drive a wedge between Iran and Saudi Arabia.  He says that if Iran and Saudi Arabia stand together then “our enemies will not have the courage to invade muslim lands”.  By Ahmadinejad making this statement tells me he is worried about this arrangement and I say “good, I am glad he is worried”.  Don’t buy all the media reports about the “arab” being united because they are not.  Also, the Iranians are Persians and not Arabs so this is another reason that may cause the Saudis and Iranians not to see eye to eye.

Obviously, the Saudis deny this report publicly but privately I believe the story to be true.  I think the countries in the Middle East know Ahmadinejad is a nut and they do not want Iran to have nuclear weapons and threaten the whole region.  I also believe the Saudis would welcome someone else doing the dirty work to take care of this problem and if it is the Israelis then so be it. I believe this to be a positive development to let Ahmadinejad know “all his neighbors” are not on his side and that as I have stated previously I believe the United States is pursuing a policy of “containment” on Iran as they will obtain nuclear capabilities but they need to be made aware the price will be high if they try to “flex” this new capability whenever they get it.