As I posted yesterday about my dance competition I wanted to add about my observation of the people I met and some that I was already familiar with.  I met one lady who talked to me about their group event from another city and was very interested in us attending their event, she was very pleasant and nice and we had a good conversation.  Seemed like to me the non professional dancers acknowledged and spoke with you but, there was another group of people from the dance club from the same city I live and how they acted and this is the point of my post.

We have seen these people out at local dance events and they sit off in a corner to themselves, don’t speak to anybody but who is in their group and present themselves as arrogant and egotistical all because they can dance better than others or think they can.  I don’t kiss up to anybody and I don’t care who you are if you can’t act civil.  Don’t get me wrong I believe in networking and all but I am not going to kiss somebody’s ass so they will like me!  Anyway, we competed in our dance competition categories and according to others we ran into and the judging we did well.  What do yo know?? Some of these people in the “stuck up” group acknowledged us, spoke to us and one of the women even asked me to dance!!

I just don’t get this?? I don’t think you should present yourself as superior to other people no matter what their ability and standing.  The next time I am in the same area with these people I am not going to run to them like they are my new friends!! I am going to stick with the friends I have!  There is no issue with being good at what you do, but remember “pride goes before a fall” and this could happen to any of us so that is why I stay humble and it has served me well.