I have linked to two articles in regard to my post in which the United States is increasing its military strength around Iran.  The United States has deployed a Third Carrier Group in the region with a total of  1o,000 combat troops. Also, it is now reported that Iran is surrounded by US troops in 10 countries which does not mean there is an imminent attack but there is a continued military buildup occurring in order to keep all options open in regard to Iran.  Interestingly this buildup is occurring without much reporting in the media which may be a good thing.

President Obama has said that he would not accept Iran having a nuclear weapon and if these reports are true it appears that he may very well  mean it.  Or, this could be a policy of  “containing Iran” that I have posted about in the past.  Either way at least something will be done to try to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon which with the past statements from Ahmadinejad would be a good thing.  This is a serious issue that appears to coming to head in the near future.