I have borrowed my title from Ronald Reagan in the 1980 Presidential debate with Jimmy Carter in which he posed this question to the American people. I remember watching that debate and I reflect on that statement now with the current state of this nation as well as my own.  I have linked to an article that some of the healthcare provisions kicked with some that are helpful such as lifetime benefits and not being denied for a pre-existing condition.  However, it is also noted that this will entail a 6% increase in cost to employers and we all know who will end up paying for this increase don’t we??

President Obama had said during the campaign he would not raise taxes on the people making less than $250,000.00 a year but this statement turned out to be nothing more that “smoke and mirrors”. What about the tax on tanning beds that just went into effect, or what about the money I am paying back right in payroll taxes for the so-called “stimulus” we got last year.  If you don’t think your taxes are going to increase then why is the government going to hire and additional 17,000 new IRS agents to enforce the Health Care Legislation?? They are coming for more of your money and I as for me I don’t have anymore to give.  Looks like I will be without any raise in salary again this years (and I am working more hours), my wife is going to be furloughed for 6 days next years which is about a 2.3% cut in pay!!

So I pose the questions “Are you better off than you were four years ago”?   Send a message in the November election and put a halt to this continued stealing of our money, because eventually no one will have enough money to buy anything in this country.   I have also posted a link about the hiring of 17,000 IRS agents.