As of this post Iran has fired up its nuclear power plan at Bushehr and as Iran tells it they need this for fuel even though they posses on of the largest oil reserves in the world!!   In past proclamations the Iranian leader Ahmadinejad has pronounced that it is his responsiblity to bring about the return of the “Mahdi or the Twelfth Imam” and this needs to be done by some kind of apocalyptic conditions.  I have referenced a quote  from Joel Rosenberg:

As Joel Rosenberg, former aide to Benjamin Netanyahu, put it last year: “[I]n order to bring about this Islamic messiah, the Mahdi, the Twelfth Imam, Islamic leaders need to hasten his coming by destroying little Satan, Israel, and the great Satan, the United States. … [T]he leaders actually believe they need to create bloody carnage, the death of millions of people in order to create the conditions for the Mahdi to bring peace” (emphasis mine throughout).

This is not Rosenberg just making this up but Ahmadinejad believes this and has stated this publicly that he must help usher in the return of the Mahdi. Apparently when Ahmadinejad was the mayor of Tehran he ordered the building a “grand avenue” for the Mahdi when he returns.  I guess this was done to allow the Mahdi to walk down the streets of Teheran, I don’t know.

While the West continues to negotiate and compromises the media plays Ahmadinejad up like he is some kind of nut and we don’t need to pay attention to him.  However, history s full of nut cases that lead to war, but this time the nut case will have nuclear weapons at his disposal.  It is obvious that Ahmadinejad believes in the return of the Mahdi and as long as he is in power and has this believe there is no telling what disaster this will lead to.   We all thought Al-Qaeda were crazy because they lived in caves an look what carnage they have brought to the world. So think about what a bunch of loons like this would do if they have nuclear weapons!!

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