As we head into the final two weeks of campaigning the candidates that are behind have resorted to “negative campaigning”.   I never pay attention to negative ads as they are usually about some personal attack that has nothing to do with the issues, but some of the ads are witty and can bring a laugh, while other ads end up being down right nasty.

Case in point is the election in Kentucky for Senator between Democrat Jack Conway and Republican Rand Paul.  With Conway behind in the polls his campaign is running an ad stating that Paul belonged to an anti-christian group in college and he and someone else tied up a woman and told her she would need to worship the “Aqua Buddha”!!  Sounds to me just like a bunch of college kids doing dumb things and much ado about nothing.  I for one do not care what Rand Paul did 30 years ago and the Democrats shouldn’t either!!

Wasn’t it the democrats that said during the President Clinton’s first campaign that “it is the economy stupid” and didn’t they say it didn’t matter what Bill Clinton did when he was younger?  The sad part is that the people who do not pay attention and get all their info from people magazine and entertainment tv will believe this and actually change their vote.  The Conway campaign does not want to run on the issues because they have none and if they do have any ideas it is tied with what President Obama believes and his popularity is dropping at the moment.

I say to you “don’t be swayed”. The elites who have been in power have gotten us no where but put us in the mess we are in.  They are just throwing a fit because they could lose power.  If some of these opposing candidates are little kooky so what?  Give somebody else a chance because I don’t believe they could do any worse than these Harvard educated lawyer politicians.

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