Iran continues to make moves for regional power in the middle east and its quest for dominance all the way the Mediterranean sea.  It is well-known that Iran has influence with Syria and in Gaza and rest assured that Iran is building its influence in Iraq as has been reported.  Ahmadinejad continues to consolidate his power in Iran and in turn is extending its influence in the region with this being a major concern to the United States.

As Iran continues with this and its pursuit of Nuclear Power the United States continues to counter Iranian moves in the region. In the last few weeks the United States has deployed a  second aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in the Persian Gulf with its 60 warplanes to join the USS Harry S. Truman that is already in the Persian Gulf.

The United States continues to build up a large naval strike force in the region and the only purpose of this is to either intimidate Iran which will not work or to use this strike force against Iran which is probably the case.  Remember, President Obama did say during his election that he would not stand by why Iran developed nuclear weapons and this may be his solution to the problem could be around the corner with the build up of these strike forces. I have linked to several articles below: