As I make this post it has been 1 week today that I had to put my dog Molly down and I wanted to make one last post about her. Molly was a lab mix and 13 years old and last weekend she wasn’t doing very well, laid around vomiting and by last Monday she couldn’t keep water down so at 4:00 o’clock I called the vet took her in and the Dr. felt like she had a tumor in her stomach and it didn’t look good and offered to run tests, but it probably didn’t matter. I agreed Molly was suffering and it was time to end it.

I called my wife who was just leaving work and I was trying to hold back my tears telling her what was going on and said she was on her way to the vets office and would be there in about 50 minutes. The Dr. asked if she could give Molly a sedative while we waited and I agreed. I sat in the floor beside Molly for about an hour petting on her telling he how much I loved her and that I would miss her and what a good dog she had been, of course crying the whole time.

My wife got there and the Dr. came in and administered the shot and she was gone in about 10 seconds.  The Dr. had asked how we wanted to dispose of her and I said I have to take her home and bury her where she belonged, because Molly loved our big yard where she would chase the rabbits, bark at the buzzards that flew overhead and pull the corn stalks from my garden, pick off the ear of corn, shuck it and eat it with her front teeth like a person.. I never saw anything like it. I could hit golf balls and Molly would get them and bring back to me.  She did everything I asked and I will miss her terribly!

As I sat there with Molly I told her when I get to heaven we will do the things that she liked to do while she was with us and I can’t wait to see her again.  I don’t what the belief is of anyone who reads this but I believe we go an after this life and I believe that something special like a pet cane be there with us in heaven once we get there. I know our pets can’t talk, but if you are like me and look into their eyes there is something more going on there than we realize and that is why I believe the way I do,

I have attached a picture of Molly and a poem my sister-in-law emailed to me that night that comforted me that I wanted to share. I hope this post may help someone get through what I have experienced in the last week..

Once in our lifetimes we all have a pet

that not for one moment will we forget.

While here on earth we treat them like gold

but despite our best efforts they start to grow old.

Their time here seems short,  one year to our seven

but I believe in my heart that all dogs go to heaven.

Although it is painful,  the sadness it brings

when they trade in old paws for a new set of wings,

cherish the time that you had with your friend

and know that you were there for them until the very end.