As you can tell from most of my blog it is about politics and current events but the reason I name it “neubworthynotes” is so I can post about other things when I feel like it and this day is one of them.  The title of my post may be weird to some but you must understand that wearing anything that has to do with cowboy, western, or country stuff is just not my style.  I am in no way criticizing those who like these things it just wasn’t for me.

Anyway, I have been taking dance lessons which started with some ballroom and country-western and I seemed to gravitate toward the country. The music was lively and the dancing I liked to do fit with the music.  I go to the local honky-tonk with my wife to take a lesson and practice and even in this setting I do not wear the typical “cowboy gear”.  Last year we participated in a dance competition put on by a country-western dance 0rganization and at this event we were not required to wear country-western gear as this was out first time, however many did so.

As 2010 progressed I decided that I would breakdown and get a cowboy hat to practice in and wear to my next competition.  It just so happens my brother in law had a stetson that he let me have so for the past few weeks I have been wearing it to my dance practice!   As I stated above this is a big stretch for me, but decided that in order to achieve the goals I have set in this particular area of my life then I needed to play the part.  Obviously, the next “piece of equipment” I need is cowboy boots!!  This is even a bigger leap for me but I as I stated in the last sentence sometimes you have to “play the part” in order to achieve your goals.

I post this story to show that none of us should take ourselves to seriously.  Why do I care if someone has never seen me in a Cowboy Hat and wants to make fun or laugh at me!   I have set a goal that I want to reach and that is to be the best dancer I can and if I can get into that role by wearing a cowboy hat and boots then so be it!  To top it off I have been listening to country music too!!  To me this is one of the positives of getting older in life is that you care less about trying to impress others and forge ahead with the things that are positive in life and wearing the “cowboy hat” at this stage in life is very positive for me!!


Me and the Cowboy Hat!