A recent article at debka.com indicates that US and Israeli forces are concentrated on army and air bases in Azerbaijan ready to strike the Iranian Nuclear Facilities with Iran declaring a state of war on its northwestern border with Azerbaijan. The report also says that Iranian sources have reported that Israel has transferred bomber jets to air bases in Azerbaijan.

While none of us no what is really going on I believe the western powers are not standing by just waiting for Iran to get a nuclear weapon without some preparation to stop  them.  I remember during the election President Obama saying that he would not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons and maybe he means it. I hope this report is true because these “tyrant countries” need to be stopped sooner rather than later.  It has always made sense to me why the US invaded Iraq as I believe it was to get close to Iran as they were always the target.  Instead of trying to put pressure on Iran from a far away place now it can be done right next to them in Iraq.

What we hear in public versus what goes on behind the scenes is very different.  I for one hope things like the above are going in order to spare the world of a catastrophe because Ahmadinejad and Iran have a nuclear weapon.