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Some might look at the title of this post and say, “Can’t you see what is going on, the people are protesting and wanting change in their government”.  While I would agree with this statement on a very basic level I also believe there are catalysts behind the scenes that helped start this whole upheaval in the first place besides “the people”!  This whole situation started in the small country of Tunisia with the toppling of the government.  Egypt was next, Yemen, Bahrain and now Libya with some uprisings in other countries in the region.  My question on all of this is; while all of a sudden has this occurred? For what reason would these changes be occurring at a rapid pace?  I mean look at Libya! Qadhafi has been in power for 30 years and ruled with an iron fist and in a matter of weeks is about to lose control of the country!

I believe these changes are occurring for economic reasons and what I mean by this is that the powers to be are wanting to create an European Union type organization in the North Africa, Middle East area.   Take a look at how things have played out of the last 50 years. The EU was formed and now is a formidable zone for commerce. Right now the North American Union is trying to be created which would include Canada, United States and Mexico.  South America and Latin America are headed in that same direction as well.  The Asian countries are also well on their way to an economic union so other than central and southern Africa the last region of the world for this to take place is in the middle east!   To further prove my point the United States and the European Union have not condemned what is going on!  We have supported Mubarak of Egypt for 30 years and pretty much threw him under the bus. Look at Libya, Qadhafi gave up his weapons of mass destruction and was welcomed by the west in the last few years and now he is getting the same treatment as Mubarak.

Also, this is why I have no concern the Middle East will be turned into an Islamic Caliphate because of the scenario I describe above as I believe there are forces at work that will not allow this to happen as it did in Iran 30 years ago.  This whole situation to me is about dividing the world into economic zones for the benefit of those that have money to make more of it.  Dividing the world into economic zones may or may not be a bad idea as long as it is shared with everybody.  The point of this post is that these changes in the middle east are not some great quest for freedom, but orchestrated changes for a larger purpose and most likely to enrich the very wealthy at the expense of the working people!  I just read realized what I posted makes me sound like a communist lol!! I really am not, I have realized the bigger governments get the less freedom we have and that is my main concern.

I have linked to several articles below:

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I have mentioned in my previous posts on Iran and the middle east that Iranian leader Ahmadinejad believes in the return of  the “Mahdi” that will usher in an era of justice and end tyranny. Reports also indicate Ahmadinejad believes it is his job to promote this return with armed conflict if necessary.  I have linked to a report by an Iranian cleric says that “Greater Iran” should rule over the middle east with a Caliphate from Iran to Israel with the elimination of Israel as a nation.

Obviously, this could be the soundings of a “nut job” but with Ahmadinejad believing in the return of the ‘Mahdi” then I believe these statements should be taken seriously and if we look at history all to often these statement made by people like this become reality. I remember that news interview that ABC did with Bin Laden back in the 90’s while he was in some cave and Bin Laden says he is at war with the United States and he will attack us.  We all thought he was some kind of nut sitting in a cave talking crazy and now we can look back at 9/11 and realize he meant what he said.

I know there are Christians that think if they do certain things they can hasten the return of Jesus as the bible speaks about so I realize there are people in our country that can make these statements as well.  How arrogant of us as human beings to think any action we take will hasten the return of Jesus, Mahdi etc… or whoever we believe in.  God works on his timetable and nothing we can do is going to speed up this process.  But again, I think we should pay attention to what “wackos” like this say because history shows the death and destruction that can happen if these type people are dealt in a timely matter.