Well blog world I have been behind because life has happened and I had my dance competition this last weekend and will blog about that later but I have to post my incident in Atlanta where we were staying.  But first I have to set this up on why this is like weird or funny so I will let the readers be the judge.  Last year about this time we were visiting San Diego and decided to head to the beach and enjoy the beautiful beach walk on Pacific Beach.  We were probably about 15-20 minutes away from our room and I just happened to look down and there was this big bunch of bird s**t all over the front of my shirt and there was like a lot of it!!  My wife and 23-year-old were like saying “””oooo nasty, gross etc…. and it was true!! I had to get back to the room and change my shirt and making sure I did not touch any of it.  We thought what dumb luck for this to happen, but not the end of the world.

Fast forward to this weekend in Atlanta for a dance competition we were attending.  I like to try to find a good “coffee and cappuccino” gas station (a gas station that sells quality coffee and cappuccino if there is such a thing)  Anyway, I found a place within walking distance and headed there Saturday for a cup and then on Sunday when the incident occurred! We were walking back to the hotel with coffee in hand just talking and I had taken a few sips and in the next few minutes I just happened to look down and saw this “white blob” on my lid about the six of a dime.  I thought “what is wrong with that lid”?  “Must be a defect in the lid, but I didn’t notice it when I put it on the cup”  Then it hit me ” This looks like bird s**t!! and sure enough it was!! Another bird had s**t almost one year to the day it happened to me in San Diego!!  I couldn’t believe!! Some bird has ruined my morning coffee!!

We had a good laugh about it and now a funny memory, but now this has happened two years in a row while I was out-of-town on vacation!! Wonder if this means anything positive or negative?? Or could just mean what my wife says about me after all “that I am full of s**t” lol