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Thank you all for the kind comments about my dog Molly that I had to put down several weeks ago.  I still catch myself looking for her running up the driveway to greet me when I would get home. I wanted to share the photo of Molly’s grave site and how we have made a small flower bed out of it in her honor.

Thank you all for the kind comments about my dog Molly that I had to put down several weeks ago.  I still catch myself looking for her running up the driveway to greet me when I would get home. I wanted to share the photo of Molly’s grave site and how we have made a small flower bed out of it in her honor.

As I make this post it has been 1 week today that I had to put my dog Molly down and I wanted to make one last post about her. Molly was a lab mix and 13 years old and last weekend she wasn’t doing very well, laid around vomiting and by last Monday she couldn’t keep water down so at 4:00 o’clock I called the vet took her in and the Dr. felt like she had a tumor in her stomach and it didn’t look good and offered to run tests, but it probably didn’t matter. I agreed Molly was suffering and it was time to end it.

I called my wife who was just leaving work and I was trying to hold back my tears telling her what was going on and said she was on her way to the vets office and would be there in about 50 minutes. The Dr. asked if she could give Molly a sedative while we waited and I agreed. I sat in the floor beside Molly for about an hour petting on her telling he how much I loved her and that I would miss her and what a good dog she had been, of course crying the whole time.

My wife got there and the Dr. came in and administered the shot and she was gone in about 10 seconds.  The Dr. had asked how we wanted to dispose of her and I said I have to take her home and bury her where she belonged, because Molly loved our big yard where she would chase the rabbits, bark at the buzzards that flew overhead and pull the corn stalks from my garden, pick off the ear of corn, shuck it and eat it with her front teeth like a person.. I never saw anything like it. I could hit golf balls and Molly would get them and bring back to me.  She did everything I asked and I will miss her terribly!

As I sat there with Molly I told her when I get to heaven we will do the things that she liked to do while she was with us and I can’t wait to see her again.  I don’t what the belief is of anyone who reads this but I believe we go an after this life and I believe that something special like a pet cane be there with us in heaven once we get there. I know our pets can’t talk, but if you are like me and look into their eyes there is something more going on there than we realize and that is why I believe the way I do,

I have attached a picture of Molly and a poem my sister-in-law emailed to me that night that comforted me that I wanted to share. I hope this post may help someone get through what I have experienced in the last week..

Once in our lifetimes we all have a pet

that not for one moment will we forget.

While here on earth we treat them like gold

but despite our best efforts they start to grow old.

Their time here seems short,  one year to our seven

but I believe in my heart that all dogs go to heaven.

Although it is painful,  the sadness it brings

when they trade in old paws for a new set of wings,

cherish the time that you had with your friend

and know that you were there for them until the very end.

Every once in a while I will post a blog about my dog molly and based on a recent experience I thought it was time for another.  Last year Molly became very sick with vomiting, not eating, and very lethargic so I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with pancreatitis and kept her for 3 days for a charge if about $400.00.  The vet said because of her age (12) this is a chronic condition that could flare up anytime, by the way Molly is a lab mix.

Anyway, several weeks ago she began to develop these same symptoms again and due to her age and talking to others with old dogs this was old age and she was on the verge of death. I placed in her in the garage on the dog bed and tried to make her comfortable and she just laid there.  I was not really in a position for another large vet bill especially for an older dog with a chronic problem.  I had water for her but he hardly drank as I knew she needed to keep hydrated. I bought pedialite and she would drink this with her water which I thought was good sign, but during the first 5 days of being sick she had not eaten anything.

After 5 days she appeared to be trying to respond but didn’t have any energy and I had tried to give her some protein shake but she wouldn’t drink it.  I was trying to figure out something she would eat to get her strength back and if she would recover then I would decide if I needed to take her to the vet.  So then I thought of the “miracle cure” that brought molly back from the brink of death… “Peanut Butter sandwiches”!! I figured she needed protein to fill her up and restore her energy so I would make them and tear off in pieces so she could eat. After about 3 days of this she began to walk around and go do her business in the yard.  She was slobbering a lot and leaking feces so I decided to take her to the vet and make sure.  He ran tests and nothing came back and gave me a couple of prescriptions and by the evening she was her happy self and ready to eat everything in site like she used too!!

I wanted to share a positive story as animals become part of the family and as has done everything I asked to chasing the buzzards that fly in the sky to eating the mayflies that try to get into the house during the Spring so I decided this was worth my effort to help save Molly along with a little prayer to God!!


Right after thanksgiving my dog molly was moping around the house with her tail between her legs and in pain.  She started vomiting on Friday and this lasted through the weekend so I decided to take her to the Veterinary on Monday.  She was examined and diagnosed with pancreatitis so she was kept at the hospital for a few days and I picked her up today and she looked much better and is now on a restrictive diet.

I post about this for several reasons and wanted to share with everyone.  Molly is 11 1/2 year lab mix so she is getting to the end of her life, but I felt that I owed it to her to find out what was wrong and give her a chance.  I thought about all the joy she has brought to our family and all the things she does when I ask, like when I say “sic’em” about the rabbits in the backyard or when a bug is crawling in the house I will say ” get it Molly” and she does and gets a treat.  The bill was over $300 and during this economy and Christmas right around the corner it was not a good time for this but she deserved to have a chance and I don’t regret giving it to her.

Secondly, some may ask… What caused the pancreatitis and I can tell you that it was probably from the neighbor. I mentioned this in a post long ago about the neighbor feeding her frozen blocks of hamburger and turkey carcases.  I have told them this is not good for her so this weekend before I went to the vet I called to inform of the situation and to please stop doing this as this is not fair to her plus costs me a lot of money.

Anyway, all is well tonight and Molly is home sitting at my feet while I post this blog.  I know she is just a dog but somehow I think they know more than we give them credit for and I know she wanted us to help her and we did.  With anything in life I always like to say I did all that I could in a particular situation and know that I can sleep at night because I did.

I have posted a picture of molly below:

As I make this post my lab mix dog (Molly) is outside my kitchen door crying because it wants to come in, but she needs to stay outside to do its “potty business”.  Anyway, we live on 2 1/2 acres which is not fenced so I would just let her out and she would stay in the yard and I would let her back in.  In the last few years we had some neighbors move in that are retired and I noticed that Molly would not come back in right away so I figured out she had walked next door.  I began to see food items appear in my backyard that I had not seen before and concluded my neighbors were feeding Molly.  My neighbor likes to fish so I would find cut and cleaned fish, meat wrappers, one time it was a whole frozen block of hamburger, and just the other day I opened door and in the garage was a whole raw steak!!  These people throw their old food out in the yard and Molly wanders over there to eat it!!  I was unaware of this until I began to see the signs I mentioned above so I have started to keep a closed eye on Molly and bring her into the house more frequently.

I am trying to find a diplomatic way to approach this as I do not have a fenced yard and Molly is able to wander next door but I did not have this problem until they started feeding her.  I don’t get why they just throw food into the backyard!! I say just put it in the garbage! I don’t understand these people who just can’t throw things away.  I like my neighbors and we get a long I just don’t want my dog to get sick let alone die from eating this garbage! It is like when someone wants to give me furniture or clothes and we take it and it is junk or wore out and I kick myself for taking it and now “I have to throw it our or give it away.   My advice is that if it is garbage throw it out, if something you have is still usable give it to Goodwill or some other organization.

My Dog

Molly in the Kitchen waiting for a “healthy snack”!!