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The developments this week indicate the Palestinian Authority is wanting to be granted statehood by the UN.  To me this process has been heading this way for a long time but really picked up steam last year when Israel stormed the flotilla that was headed to Gaza that had its origin in Turkey.  Fast forward to today and Turkey has all but broken diplomatic relations with Israel, Egypt and Jordan who have peace treaties with Israel and say they are still committed to the treaty but their public statements are tepid at best.  Turkey is on the front line leading these Arab nations into what I believe will be an eventual confrontation.

Turkey is considering sending naval warships to escort the next flotilla that is headed to Gaza in what would no doubt be a confrontation with the Israeli Navy.  The pace of this future confrontation is picking up steam and I believe will occur in the not to distant future.  If Egypt and Jordan decide the peace treaty is no longer in their best interest then Israel is once again surrounded on all sides by hostile countries.  For whatever reason Turkey is taking the lead on this and the only conclusion I can draw as they want Israel out-of-the-way because in their minds this will solve the Palestinian dilemma and the crisis and turmoil that always surround Israel and the Palestinians.

Maybe the Palestinians should have a state and a compromise worked out, but appears to me the elimination of the Jewish state is on the agenda which is in line with what Ahmadinejad of Iran wants.  And to those of you who the United States will stand by Israel at all costs, think again. As rapidly as the world changes and especially in the Middle East don’t be surprised in the United States tells Israel they are on their own.


Some might look at the title of this post and say, “Can’t you see what is going on, the people are protesting and wanting change in their government”.  While I would agree with this statement on a very basic level I also believe there are catalysts behind the scenes that helped start this whole upheaval in the first place besides “the people”!  This whole situation started in the small country of Tunisia with the toppling of the government.  Egypt was next, Yemen, Bahrain and now Libya with some uprisings in other countries in the region.  My question on all of this is; while all of a sudden has this occurred? For what reason would these changes be occurring at a rapid pace?  I mean look at Libya! Qadhafi has been in power for 30 years and ruled with an iron fist and in a matter of weeks is about to lose control of the country!

I believe these changes are occurring for economic reasons and what I mean by this is that the powers to be are wanting to create an European Union type organization in the North Africa, Middle East area.   Take a look at how things have played out of the last 50 years. The EU was formed and now is a formidable zone for commerce. Right now the North American Union is trying to be created which would include Canada, United States and Mexico.  South America and Latin America are headed in that same direction as well.  The Asian countries are also well on their way to an economic union so other than central and southern Africa the last region of the world for this to take place is in the middle east!   To further prove my point the United States and the European Union have not condemned what is going on!  We have supported Mubarak of Egypt for 30 years and pretty much threw him under the bus. Look at Libya, Qadhafi gave up his weapons of mass destruction and was welcomed by the west in the last few years and now he is getting the same treatment as Mubarak.

Also, this is why I have no concern the Middle East will be turned into an Islamic Caliphate because of the scenario I describe above as I believe there are forces at work that will not allow this to happen as it did in Iran 30 years ago.  This whole situation to me is about dividing the world into economic zones for the benefit of those that have money to make more of it.  Dividing the world into economic zones may or may not be a bad idea as long as it is shared with everybody.  The point of this post is that these changes in the middle east are not some great quest for freedom, but orchestrated changes for a larger purpose and most likely to enrich the very wealthy at the expense of the working people!  I just read realized what I posted makes me sound like a communist lol!! I really am not, I have realized the bigger governments get the less freedom we have and that is my main concern.

I have linked to several articles below:

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I have watched the events in Tunisia and Egypt unfold in the last few weeks and have waited to post to see how this situation plays out and if there are any others who may believe the way I do and so far I have not seen any indication of this, but I know the internet is large so there could be some that do think this way.  I am a student of history and while some historical events are brought about by accident, other events are orchestrated and changes made in order to steer a course in a certain direction and I wonder if the revolutions in these autocratic Arab governments are one of these situations?  Let me give an example of what I mean:

I grew up in the Cold War between the United States and Soviet Union and they competed all over the world through “proxy nations” to battle each other for influence.  While communism is a failed economic model all these communist nations had entrenched security networks to ensure the people stayed in line and allow the communists to maintain control.  This order of the world seemed set with no change in site and then ” Bam”!! We wake up one day and communism is defeated in Eastern Europe and the communists have fallen in the Soviet Union and this appeared to have happened overnight!!  Next thing we know there is no longer a Soviet Union and Eastern Europe is free!

I believe this is the same scenario in the Arab world.  These dictators are entrenched with massive security network to maintain control and now all of a sudden the government of Tunisia falls and Egypt is about to follow.  I would expect others such as Jordan, Yemen, Syria and Saudi Arabia to follow.  I do not believe this is occurring all of a sudden and so rapidly without unknown forces behind the scenes controlling the events.  Might you ask why I believe this? I believe this is occurring to continue the march to a New World Order!!  Think about it… Communism had to fall and could not remain in place if there was going to be a New World Order.  There could not be a clash of ideas on the economic system as there has to be one economic system in place for the one world government.

To me the last great hold out of people to fall in line with this order is the Arab nations in the muslim world.  They need to be brought in line and with these autocratic governments this cannot take place.  This is why I expect to see wholesale changes in the Middle East to help bring this about.  I don’t know of there is a positive or negative to a one world government, but I do know when power is concentrated in the hands of a few the rest assured the “little man” is in trouble and will become subservient to the New World Order!