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I have been following this story over the last few weeks and find it very ironic that since Cain has become a front-runner in the Republican Presidential Primary Race that all of a sudden these women come out of the woodwork claiming they were sexually harassed by him.  Something may have happened, but know one really knows but Cain and these women but there does not appear to be any proof, but this liberal media is all in an uproar about this and reporting on it everyday.  I really don’t understand why they are making a big deal about this because I thought all of this kind of stuff didn’t matter like it didn’t when Bill Clinton was President in the 90’s!!

We were all told by the media during Clinton’s term that sex didn’t matter, these women accusers where crazy etc… and all that mattered was the President Clinton needed to get back to work for the American People!  So to me the liberal media set the template for themselves by allowing this to go as long as they did before holding the President accountable. With President Clinton there was verifiable proof, but with Cain there is none of this to date. For what it is worth, I don’t think the Democrats leaked this story I think it was one of the Republican candidates that leaked this story to knock Cain off the top.

As the polls are showing Cain has not lost that much support because the American people have caught onto the double standard the liberal media plays when it comes to Republican candidates and the media only have themselves to blame as Americans that pay attention remember the 90’s and are not going to be swayed by a liberal media that plays along with destructive politics. Because to me, if it didn’t matter in the 9o’s to the liberal media when it came to President Clinton and his sexual issues, why should it matter in 2012?  The liberals burned that bridge and now they cannot cross back!

As we head into the final two weeks of campaigning the candidates that are behind have resorted to “negative campaigning”.   I never pay attention to negative ads as they are usually about some personal attack that has nothing to do with the issues, but some of the ads are witty and can bring a laugh, while other ads end up being down right nasty.

Case in point is the election in Kentucky for Senator between Democrat Jack Conway and Republican Rand Paul.  With Conway behind in the polls his campaign is running an ad stating that Paul belonged to an anti-christian group in college and he and someone else tied up a woman and told her she would need to worship the “Aqua Buddha”!!  Sounds to me just like a bunch of college kids doing dumb things and much ado about nothing.  I for one do not care what Rand Paul did 30 years ago and the Democrats shouldn’t either!!

Wasn’t it the democrats that said during the President Clinton’s first campaign that “it is the economy stupid” and didn’t they say it didn’t matter what Bill Clinton did when he was younger?  The sad part is that the people who do not pay attention and get all their info from people magazine and entertainment tv will believe this and actually change their vote.  The Conway campaign does not want to run on the issues because they have none and if they do have any ideas it is tied with what President Obama believes and his popularity is dropping at the moment.

I say to you “don’t be swayed”. The elites who have been in power have gotten us no where but put us in the mess we are in.  They are just throwing a fit because they could lose power.  If some of these opposing candidates are little kooky so what?  Give somebody else a chance because I don’t believe they could do any worse than these Harvard educated lawyer politicians.

I have linked to the article below:

With just one month away from the November election the Liberals are up to their usual tactics of trying to “scare” the American people into thinking the Republicans, especially Tea Party candidates are going to “cut Social Security, Medicare, or drudge up some past comment by a candidate that was said years ago to make them out to be some kind of kook!!  Take for example Christine O’Donnell who is the Tea Party candidate for Senate in Delaware.  A few weeks ago they dredged up some old video of her on the Bill Maher show talking about witchcraft and now she is made out to be a witch.  Then this week on Yahoo news the AP has found the following quote attributed to O’Donnell:    “She said China had a “carefully thought out and strategic plan to take over America” and accused one opponent of appeasement for suggesting that the two countries were economically dependent and should find a way to be allies.”  Is this not what has happened?  China owns our debt and if they want to call it in then what happens?  Looks to me the Chinese have taken us over!

Also, in Kentucky Rand Paul is the Tea Party Candidate and he is being made out to be some kind of kook and in Kentucky the Liberals are scaring the Senior Citizens by telling them they will have a $2,000.00 deductible on their Medicare which is not true.  I have lived long enough now to know the Liberal playbook. I remember in 1980 when I was 17 and Ronald Reagan was running for President.  My granny lived in the country and said the following to me and my mom: “They are telling us Ronald Reagan wants to round-up all the old people and kill them so he would not have to pay their Social Security”.  Obviously, I told her this was not true but was part of the Liberal playbook to scare the seniors.  We have been told Ronald Reagan was a “dumb cowboy”, George H. Bush was a wimp, and George W. Bush was “dumb and can’t speak well”  Do you see a pattern here?  Now the tea party candidates are kooks!!

Well you know, so what if they are a little kooky!!  Look what the Harvard educated Democrat Lawyers and the Blue Blooded elite Republican gotten us?? One big giant mess that has to be cleaned up.  So want do you have to lose on election day? Don’t be swayed by scare tactics that are not true and do not let the media think for you.  It is time for change and for us to take our country back!!  Below is a link the article about Christine O’Donnell and the story about Rand Paul being accused of supporting a $2,000 medicare deductible:

O’Donnell said China plotting to take over US

Medicare emerges as key issue for Jack Conway, Rand Paul in Senate race

As we move down the road since the passage of Healthcare reform the “slow trickle” of information begins to come out on how healthcare for everyone is going to be paid for and as expected it will be paid for on the backs of working Americans.  New information has just been released that says “over the counter medications can no longer be used under a Flexible Spending Account unless there is a prescription from a doctor”. The new requirements take effect in January 2011 and the IRS has spelled out what needs to be done to meet the requirements.  If you have not guessed already and what some of us knew would happen this change is being made to raise revenue and help pay for premiums of the lower-income uninsured.

Now we know why 17,000 additional IRS agents are being hired, so they can make sure “working Americans” hand over their money to pay for all of this!!  The FSA benefited working people by helping them pay for prescriptions, office visits and over the counter medication and this are slowly being taken away!  We hear our government say “we will tax the rich” to pay for all of this.  Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there are not enough “rich people” to pay for all of this and the plan all along was to have the working people pay for this.  The government has to get revenue from somewhere and the hiring of all these IRS agents is to make sure they get it!  Our only hope is the ballot box so I urge you to continue to vote out the current politicians in office and do this in every election until they get the point that we are all fed up and not going to take this anymore!!  I have linked to the article below.

There are recent reports of the NAACP at their annual convention have issued a statement accusing Tea Party activists of  “tolerating bigotry and racism within the Tea Party movement”.  I find this to be a “pure political” statement without any basis in fact to stir up fear and continuation to divide this country based on race.  I believe this to be a calculated statement to influence the November election because liberals in this country are in fear of taking a pounding in the elections and losing control of Congress.

Are there bigots, racists in any in organization or movement?, of course there are!   I would venture to say there are some in the NAACP, but this singular attention paid to the Tea Party movement is way out of balance.  It looks like to me the Tea Party is a group of people who want to organize and be involved in the political process and all we hear from the media is that racists and bigots permeate this group.  Just look at the story during the healthcare debate about the black congressman who were walking past a Tea Party protest and claim racial epithets were yelled at them.  With all the media devices and you tube around no proof ever surfaced of the racial epithets.  Additionally, these same liberals have continued the onslaught to try to destroy Sarah Palin?   If she is such and buffoon and light weight, why focus of her and the Tea Party movement?

The liberals are afraid of this movement and this why the statement from the NAACP about the Tea Party and Sarah Palin.  They have to continue to control power in this country to complete their agenda and one way of doing this is to continue the drumbeat of racism.  I urge all of us to ignore this fear mongering and when you vote do not vote in fear because someone or some group makes accusations about another. Research for yourselves and make an informed decision. The powers to be in this country want the American people to be distracted from the real problems in this country like the economy.

I have linked to several articles to this story.

I have borrowed my title from Ronald Reagan in the 1980 Presidential debate with Jimmy Carter in which he posed this question to the American people. I remember watching that debate and I reflect on that statement now with the current state of this nation as well as my own.  I have linked to an article that some of the healthcare provisions kicked with some that are helpful such as lifetime benefits and not being denied for a pre-existing condition.  However, it is also noted that this will entail a 6% increase in cost to employers and we all know who will end up paying for this increase don’t we??

President Obama had said during the campaign he would not raise taxes on the people making less than $250,000.00 a year but this statement turned out to be nothing more that “smoke and mirrors”. What about the tax on tanning beds that just went into effect, or what about the money I am paying back right in payroll taxes for the so-called “stimulus” we got last year.  If you don’t think your taxes are going to increase then why is the government going to hire and additional 17,000 new IRS agents to enforce the Health Care Legislation?? They are coming for more of your money and I as for me I don’t have anymore to give.  Looks like I will be without any raise in salary again this years (and I am working more hours), my wife is going to be furloughed for 6 days next years which is about a 2.3% cut in pay!!

So I pose the questions “Are you better off than you were four years ago”?   Send a message in the November election and put a halt to this continued stealing of our money, because eventually no one will have enough money to buy anything in this country.   I have also posted a link about the hiring of 17,000 IRS agents.

I periodically post about the amount we pay in taxes and the increases that are headed our way to pay for all this government spending.  With the passage of the healthcare bill we are certain to pay more taxes because this is the only way to pay for it and I have said previously that we as the American people were not told up front what was in this bill because the rage would be even worse than it is now.  As we track down the road for full implementation of the healthcare bill I have discovered another tidbit in the bill that could affect a lot of the Americans with a higher tax bill.

I have copied a portion of HR3590 (section 90020) which states the following:

“Title IX: Revenue Provisions – Subtitle A: Revenue Offset Provisions – (Sec. 9001, as modified by section 10901) Amends the Internal Revenue Code to impose an excise tax of 40% of the excess benefit from certain high cost employer-sponsored health coverage. Deems any amount which exceeds payment of $8,500 for an employee self-only coverage plan and $23,000 for employees with other than self-only coverage (family plans) as an excess benefit. Increases such amounts for certain retirees and employees who are engaged in high-risk professions (e.g., law enforcement officers, emergency medical first responders, or longshore workers). Imposes a penalty on employers and coverage providers for failure to calculate the proper amount of an excess benefit.

(Sec. 9002) Requires employers to include in the W-2 form of each employee the aggregate cost of applicable employer-sponsored group health coverage that is excludable from the employee’s gross income (excluding the value of contributions to flexible spending arrangements).”

Take a look at the provision sec 9002 that requires employers to include on the w-2 the employer sponsored health coverage!!  This is what I have been talking about and what is about to happen to the working people of this country!! This provision was put here on purpose because the tax on your health coverage will be so great that it will force all of us into the government plan because we will or cannot afford the higher taxes!!  I continue to implore you to vote out the incumbent and elect someone else!! If you are not registered to vote then do so and vote for someone new!!  I get tired of my money being stolen from me and given to the government or people who do not want to work.  Eventually, we will have given all the money we have and it will not be enough to continue down this road!! Just look and Europe and Greece as an example!!

Sorry I did not get to post as I have been on a “golf vacation” that I would like to post pic about when I get a chance.  Anyway, there were primaries in four states last Tuesday and two that may have significant impact in the fall.  In the Pennsylvania Primary the long-term Senator Arlen Spector was defeated in the Democrat primary and in Kentucky the establishment candidate Trey Greyson was defeated in the Republican Primary by the Libertarian leaning candidate Rand Paul.   I have heard reports that some of the candidates that have won are not in the “mainstream” or not with the “establishment”.  You know what I say to that? I say good!!!,  I am glad they are not!

So what if some of these candidates think different!!  The current politicians need to know that they can be fired for doing a lousy job!!  Guess what would happen to any of us in the private sector if we did a lousy job for our employer?? Be fired and replaced by someone else who could get the job done.   Also, watch as the election draws close the “establishment” candidate backed by the party machines will do all they can do discredit these new candidates that are not career politicians like Rand Paul.  They will not want to talk about the serious issues of out country but will try to distract the electorate with some “non-issue” that will make you afraid to vote for the newcomer!!  I will tell you to not be fooled by this and to stay the course for the sake of our country!!

Don’t let you decisions be decided by a “sound bite” or out of “unfounded fear”.  We still have the power to change this country and send message to our leader and listen to us as they work for us and it is not the other way around!!

I have mentioned before about the healthcare bill just passed by Congress and the little “tid bits” we would find out about later on that would not make our healthcare cheaper in the long run for most of us and wanted to share what I have recently found out.  The insurance rep for my wife’s employer has told her about several changes that will affect the working person. 1) Any money that remains in your Flexible Spending Account cannot be used for over the counter medications.  I know at the end of the year if there is money remaining in the account and instead if losing it we would go spend it on over the counter meds to keep this from happening.  2) The second issue has to do with Health Savings Accounts (HSA). In this type of account money is placed in before taxes are taken from your pay check this helps reduce your tax burden just like a 401k.  According to the new requirements any amount contributed over $2,500.00 to the HSA cannot be deducted from taxes!!  Apparently these new requirements are a result of the healthcare bill that was passed by Congress and signed by the President.

I have stated previously these are things we will find out about in increments that will cost us all more money because all this has to be paid for some how.  And by the time we figure out about all the “incremental changes” that cost us more money it will be too late to change.  This is why I say to pay attention to the people you vote for because they usually tell you what they are going to do!!

If any of you follow elections May is the month for several primary elections to decide on candidates for the November election.  There was an AP story that I linked to that says “Incumbents win in Ohio, North Carolina and Indiana” and I look at this article and marvel as to why the electorate just doesn’t seem to get it.  I realize this is just the primary and voters are only selecting candidates in their party, but I would still urge everyone to vote against the incumbent!!  I am not familiar with the other candidates in the states of Ohio and North Carolina but in Indiana Dan Coats won the Republican primary.  Mr. Coats retired from the Senate in 1998 and is now back again to get his seat back.  I do not know what kind of job he did and frankly I don’t care!!  It does not make any sense to me to keep sending back the same people to Washington because in my opinion it is these same people who have us in the mess we are in!!

This is not slanted against Republicans or Democrats but against the same people that get re-elected over and over!!   I will no longer be frightened by a candidate that says ” you better vote for me because if you vote for the other guy things will really get bad”.  I am voting for the other guy and voting out the candidate that currently holds the office.  Think about it for a minute, you ever wonder why when someone gets elected and they stay in Washington for years and come out of office millionaires??  It is because they are “stealing” from us!!

I have a primary in my state in two weeks and I am voting for the newcomer and I urge all voters to do the same thing. These people in Washington are not listening to us and the only way to get them to is to start voting them out!  It was said in the article that only about 30% of the electorate turned out and I know why, because they are to busy watching American Idol and reading People Magazine!! Don’t get me wrong, if this is what you like that is ok but My point is when most people are only concerned with these things and not their country then we have a problem.

We still have the general election in November and if you want to get the attention of the Washington politicians vote against the incumbent and get some new blood and ideas in the Congress.  And after their term is up vote them out-and-out and new group in if that’s what it takes to get these politicians to listen to us.