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The developments this week indicate the Palestinian Authority is wanting to be granted statehood by the UN.  To me this process has been heading this way for a long time but really picked up steam last year when Israel stormed the flotilla that was headed to Gaza that had its origin in Turkey.  Fast forward to today and Turkey has all but broken diplomatic relations with Israel, Egypt and Jordan who have peace treaties with Israel and say they are still committed to the treaty but their public statements are tepid at best.  Turkey is on the front line leading these Arab nations into what I believe will be an eventual confrontation.

Turkey is considering sending naval warships to escort the next flotilla that is headed to Gaza in what would no doubt be a confrontation with the Israeli Navy.  The pace of this future confrontation is picking up steam and I believe will occur in the not to distant future.  If Egypt and Jordan decide the peace treaty is no longer in their best interest then Israel is once again surrounded on all sides by hostile countries.  For whatever reason Turkey is taking the lead on this and the only conclusion I can draw as they want Israel out-of-the-way because in their minds this will solve the Palestinian dilemma and the crisis and turmoil that always surround Israel and the Palestinians.

Maybe the Palestinians should have a state and a compromise worked out, but appears to me the elimination of the Jewish state is on the agenda which is in line with what Ahmadinejad of Iran wants.  And to those of you who the United States will stand by Israel at all costs, think again. As rapidly as the world changes and especially in the Middle East don’t be surprised in the United States tells Israel they are on their own.


I have waited to post on this story to see how things are going to play out.  But what has been reported is that a U.S. Border patrol shot and killed a 15-year-old Mexican in the area between El Paso and Juarez.  Appears the agents were trying to stop the flow of illegal immigrants with the help of “coyotes” as they are called when the incident took place.  The Mexicans began to throw rocks at the U.S. Border patrol agents when the shooting occurred. None of us were there to know exactly what happened, but I believe the U.S. Border patrol was in a no win situation.

Why do I think this?  Since Arizona passed their immigration law Mexico has been upset and their President has visited the U.S. and spoke before Congress on how this treats Mexicans badly and he will not have this.  It is reported the Mexicans are upset and taking to the streets protest because they believe the law to be unfair.  Now you have Mexican youths throwing rocks at authorities to show their displeasure the same way the Palestinians used rocks in the intifada against Israel.  Look at the parallels; Mexico feels like this is an injustice, but they will not send their police force or army to the border as they know the U.S. would crush them as the superior power.  Mexican youths are involved so if one is killed by the U.S. authorities then Mexico can use the publicity to try to show the brutality and unfairness of the U.S.  I don’t believe all this is a coincidence since the Arizona immigration law was passed. Doesn’t this sound like what Israel experienced in Gaza?

I for one am tired of hearing that “The Mexican street” is upset or the “Arab street is upset”!!  Will you know, I am upset!!  I am tired of the fact that we worry about all these other people and are not taking care of our own!! Is is high time that we do and go ahead and build a fence to keep the illegal Mexicans just like Israel did to keep out the Palestinians.

I had posted about Turkey changing its policies and siding with nations such as Syria, Iran and the terror group Hamas after a log relationship with Israel as one of their key allies.   It was reported that Turkish Prime Minister Edrogan said “Hamas was a resistance movement fighting for their land and not a terror organization”.  He indicated Hamas was elected which is true as I remember the Bush administration had pushed for Democratic elections in which the Palestinian people voted for Hamas and they won.  So okay, they won and would have been allowed to govern after Israel withdrew from Gaza but they began to fire rockets over the border so I still believe they are a terror organization and not a resistance movement.

I know Turkey has elected leaders who adhere to more Islamic policies but it is puzzling that in the last few years they have decided to side with Iran and Syria against Israel even though they are still part of NATO they continue to pursue this path.  I think another reason is because Turkey has wanted to join the European Union and has been rejected several times so maybe they have decided to say “screw it” we will change course and try a different direction.  Another reason they feel confident could be the diminishing power or influence of the United States.  Obviously, as other nations emerge like India, China, Brazil the lone superpower in the world has less influence on other countries and I believe this is beginning to happen.

There will continue to be a realignment of these nations, but I believe the are Arab countries of the Persia Gulf such as UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia will continue to side with the U.S. and while they want to see a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian they will not openly change sides to Iran or Syria.  This will be a constant chess match in this area for the forseeable future.

I have made several posts about Israel’s raid on the so-called “humanitarian flotilla”.  As more light is shed about the activists on board we come to find out they are a Turkish charity group with possible ties to terror groups and this flotilla has the support of the Turkish Government.  To me this is a very troubling development that Turkey is becoming heavily involved in trying to draw attention to the Israeli-Palestinian issue in this way.  Since the last Turkish election the government has become more Islamic and appears to be supporting countries such as Iran, Syria, and the Hamas organization.

What makes it even more troubling is that Turkey is part of NATO and all countries in this organization should have a common goal, but appears Turkey has their own agenda in the case of recent events involving Israel and its attack on the flotilla. I have heard reports that Turkey may even send its own Naval ships to protect the next flotilla of ships to Gaza.  I think these countries do this order to get Israel to respond because they know this is what Israel will do and then these countries, UN  and others make hay out of this and condemn Israel.

I see the following scenario developing in the Middle East; Turkey will continue to drift away from the U.S. and Israel in regard to its polices and will become closer allies of Syria and Iran.  Turkey may do this to grow their influence and power like they had in the days of the Ottoman Empire. Also, Russia will back these nations with support and weapons as they do now and will continue to put pressure on Israel.  I believe some major event will ensue where the U.S. tells Israel we cannot support them and then these nations will build some kind of coalition against Israel, kind of like what the Bush’s did in Desert Storm and the current Iraq war.  This coalition will issue some kind of ultimatum that Israel will have to refuse and then launch some kind attack.

All this fighting and agitation has been going since Israel became a nation in 1948 and some of these nations and peoples around the world are thinking the only way to solve it is to remove Israel and I am afraid this is how some will try to accomplish it.

The United States condemned the acts that costs the lives of the people on board the flotilla ship but did not condemn the activists or Israel according to news reports.  Obviously, there is a fine diplomatic line here and the U.S. is walking it but to our defense we need to show Israel our support but have to make sure the Palestinians know we do not fully support the raid publicly so they will continue to negotiate for peace.  But all we hear is that “The Israeli blockade is hurting the citizens of Gaza and it is their fault there is a humanitarian crisis”.   I would like to point out that Egypt had also sealed their border with Gaza and had imposed its own blockade.  This is not widely reported about Egypt, only that the Israeli blockade was causing the humanitarian crisis.

Also, there would not be a humanitarian crisis if Hamas would negotiate for peace and not the destruction of Israel.  In the Six day war of 1967 Israel was attacked by Syria and Egypt and captured the Gaza strip, Sinai Peninsula, West Bank and the Golan Heights.  Since this war in an effort to make peace Israel has returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt, gave the Gaza strip back the Palestinians and have allowed the Palestinians to operate from the West Bank and what do they get in return? Continued rocket fire from Gaza into Israel.   What do you think the U.S. would do if there was rocket fire coming from Mexico into Tucson, Arizona? I guarantee it would not last very long.  So my point is that Hamas could ease their humanitarian crisis if they would worry about working and trying to make a living instead of the destruction of Israel.

In the next few days rest assured we will hear from Iran as I believe they welcome this kind situation.  In a previous post I had talked about Israel possibly deploying their Dolphin class submarines to strike Iran.  Well, I read and article the other day and posted link that said Israel is permanently deploying a submarine in the Persian Gulf with nuclear cruise missiles. This should give Iran pause that it will not just take and Israeli airstrike to take out their nuclear sites, since there is a nuclear armed submarine within striking distance of Iran.

Recent reports told of Israeli Commandos that attacked a Gaza bound flotilla that was supposed to be carrying humanitarian aid. Some reports indicated that some passengers on the flotilla had links to the al Qaeda network so this was one concern for Israel.  Also, Israel has a blockade in place around Gaza and the flotilla was warned to stay away from Gaza but chose to ignore the warning. Apparently this “aid flotilla” was organized by Turkey with Turkish nationals on board and some of them were killed by the Israeli Commandos.  Several blogs and news reports of the attack proclaimed worldwide condemnation for this raid; a blog called “Sixteen Minutes to Palestine” expressed outrage about the attack and lamented the suffering of the Palestinians because of Israel.

Several questions need to be asked about the attack: 1) Why was Turkey organizing this aid flotilla? Turkey and Israel used to have a good relationship, and staged military exercises together.  Since Turkey’s government has become more Islamic the relationship with Israel has deteriorated.  2) Why was there an Al-Jazeera reporter on board with this flotilla? 3) There is a blockade of Gaza so why was Turkey trying to help “activists” run the blockade?

One must wonder whether the attack was staged to garner world attention on the Palestinians. Think about it for a minute—is it truly a coincidence that there was an Al Jazeera reporter on board?  Or did Turkey and the Palestinians anticipate how Israel would respond and they wanted video to use against Israel on the situation in Gaza.  Perhaps Palestinian leaders wanted this because Israel has shut down the rocket fire from Gaza.  The security wall and other measures seem to be keeping the suicide bombers out of Israel so there has not been much attention paid to the Palestinian situation lately.  What better way to get the world all fired up against Israel than to provoke Israel to respond to the threat posed by the flotilla running the blockade?

Each country has a right to defend itself.  However, since Israel became a nation in 1948 and immediately had to defend itself against an attack of 5 Arab armies, history has often been distorted to present Israel as an aggressor and the Palestinians as the victims.  Why does the rest of the world not get upset when rockets and suicide bombers are blowing up people who are just trying to work and live?  The world would be a better place if people chose to think about working and trying to better themselves rather than hating and killing others.

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